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Roll call!

Am thinking of watching IMAY for the millionth kajillionth time, and it randomly struck me to ask: Who still has this comm on their LJ friends list?

I anticipate experiencing some post-IMAY-watching glee, and I guess I'm just wondering whether there are still folks out there to fangirl with :P

Luce&Rach music video

Please watch in HQ and comment if you like =)
I made this video because my cousin ask me to, so I dedicate this to her ;)
This movie was pretty good, and I really enjoyied it! Rachel and Luce was a very nice couple! But I not very satisfied about this video. I made it in a day and an half, and the quality wasn't really good neither! BTW hope you will like it! =)
Let me know what did you think of it in a comment if you want to!

-Luce: I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes... Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize that you have been incomplete and now you are whole...
-Rachel: Do you guys believe in love at first sight? That you could meet someone, or just... across a room, and with that one glance you could look in their eyes and see their soul.
-Luce: Tell me to go. Tell me that's what you want, and I will walk away and you will never see me again.
-Rachel: Is that what you want?
-Luce: I want *you*.
-Rachel: Luce I can do this! I can do this!
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[120] Multi-Fandom Icons

[06] Doctor Who
[04] Atonement
[05] Ferris Bueller's Day Off
[14] Skins
[05] Muse
[06] Imagine Me & You
[03] Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2007)
[04] Noel Fielding
[05] The IT Crowd
[08] Emma Watson
[07] Lady GaGa
[07] Green Day
[03] Black Books
[03] Emily Blunt
[04] Lost In Translation
[02] Donnie Darko
[02] Katy Perry (with MIKA)
[05] Casino Royale
[07] Marlon Brando
[02] Inglourious Basterds
[10] Band of Brothers
[08] Supersizers Go

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